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SKM in Golf Operation (Level 3)

As a Golf Operations Manager is responsible for managing the day to day Golf and Club experience include the Food and Beverage, Retail Experience. Oversees the management and performance of golf shop and applicable department operations and services to assure high standards and total customer satisfaction.

Golf Caddy

The caddie is in charge of carrying the player's bag, keeping the clubs clean, and washing the ball when on the green, and walks ahead of the golfer to locate their ball and calculate the yardage to the pin and/or hazards. Oversees the supervision of the maintenance of golf carts and golf operations personnel.


The best strategy is to mirror the same format that we’ve used above. It’s a good idea to begin your help-wanted ads with a few paragraphs that talk about the job in general terms. You can get more specific after that by creating bulleted lists that show the position’s responsibilities and requirements.

Air-conditioning Services

Our trained technicians and engineers will arrive to perform various services such as installations, repairs, and maintenance for homeowners and corporations. All of our team have been accredited to perform these tasks to the top standards.